Surfing on Theta Waves

The purpose of this only 45 minutes session is to help people find inner calm and peace. This is a one-on-one guided meditation to help you ease feelings of overwhelm, and stress and discovers inner serenity. To encourage you to become curious about your inner world and being touch with your feelings, you will be guided through relaxation exercises and breathing techniques.   This meditation will help you nurture yourself with unconditional love and compassion. In the Sound of Tibet THETA GUIDED MEDITATION, I  guide my clients to observe and feel their subtle energy and circulatory systems and gently direct them to build the heart-brain-body healing bridge. The self-healing mechanism. The Sound of Tibet THETA GUIDED MEDITATION is excellent not only for the deepest relaxation but also for identifying and examining the root of issues and problems, and for using it as a diagnostic tool. A 45-minute Sound of Tibet THETA GUIDED MEDITATION session may not be enough to address all of your issues. Please be aware that we concentrate on just one topic at a time during the session. If you believe your physical or psychological issues may be more complex, you may schedule my SHAMANIC HEALING or SHAMANIC JOURNEY instead of this session.

The electrical patterns that the brain produces are represented by brain waves. The billions of neurons that make up the brain transmit information using electrical signals. The generated patterns are known to as brain waves when certain groups of neurons fire in a specific way to communicate with other groups of neurons. These electrical patterns are related to different manifestations of activity in the brain as well as different states of consciousness. All of us have five types of brainwaves:  beta, alpha, theta, delta, and gamma.  Theta waves (4-8Hz) are activated when we are being insightful, creative, and deeply relaxed.  Theta waves are active during hypnosis, deep levels of meditation, or  when we dream vividly and experience rapid eye movement (REM).  It is in this condition we can have access to the healing power within through our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual memory. Theta waves  are able to enhance molecular bonding, enhancing physical and emotional DNA repair and much more. Our lives may be positively changed in all areas by engaging in theta healing  through  Sound Of Tibet GUIDED THETA MEDITATION and shifting into healing states of consciousness.