Thanks to you, Martin and the healing light that flows through you, I don't wake up in the night in pain, running for the pain killers.

Tineke - Groningen, Netherlands

The healing adventure of a lifetime that will always remain bright in my heart!

Aleksander - Wroclaw, Poland

The shamanic journey was worth the drive from Milan. From the first time I walked into the farm I felt right at home. Being in the right place at the right time. Martin is a beautiful healer.

Alessia - Milan, Italy

I have fully recovered from the heart transplant, but the final healing was my shamanic journey. I am forever grateful to Martin for being my guide. He is truly an angel on earth.

Gian - Córdoba, Argentina

Martin has that rare gift of making you feel seen and heard.

Sebastian - Portland, USA

Martin is an amazing, intuitive healer. In the few short weeks I’ve been a client, I’ve seen major shifts in my mental health. There’s work involved, but it’s so worth it!

Jackie S. - Tampa, USA

My healing experience was very magical and pleasant. My life came back to me. Thank you so much!

Sarah - Palm Springs, United States

Right after I finished the therapy, I felt a huge relief . This is the lightest I've ever felt in my life.

Eric - Geneva, Switzerland

Martin’s therapy is soothing and magical ! Thank you!

Emilia - Milan, Italy

Martin is an amazing channel and energy healer!. Deeply caring and masterful in his many abilities.

Gregory - Whitby, UK

You gave me my breath back. Thank you!

Hadar - Telv Aviv, Israel

There is no doubt that Martin is an alchemist of frequency and vibration. The shamanic journey experience is like no other.

Gabriella - New York, USA

I'm just grateful that God has given me the opportunity to speak with one of his angels. Martin is a beautiful angel who helped me tremendously through a difficult period in my life.

Sandra - San Antonio, USA

I have tried numerous therapists. Martin is a guy who genuinely listened to my concerns and sought to improve my daily life.

Liam - Phoenix, USA

Really enjoyed the shamanic journey. I felt so light and beautiful inside and out. Also, the farm is beautiful and super relaxing.

Mario A. - Turin, Italy

Sound Of Tibet is a pleasant oasis in Piemonte. The healing vibrations were incredible strong, as if they came from another planet.

Giovanni R. - Milan, Italy

I had the honor of getting a shamanic healing from Martin and it was such a beautiful experience.

Sofia - Innsbruck, Austria

Martin exhibits a very thorough understanding of how the psyche works. He has the most amazing energy and is clearly truly gifted.

Jonathan G. - Boston, USA

Martin is a natural born healer, but also an invaluable resource. I'm very thankful to have met him and will work with him again.

Mateo - Barcelona, Spain

Martin is guided by the purest source energy and is a healer by nature. When I experienced his healing session, I felt like he had an entire angelical army assisting him throughout the room.

Linda - Gothenburg, Sweden

Martin is a powerful healer. I have seen him for several shamanic sessions and have gained insight I'll take with me for the rest of my life.

Thomas H. - Cape Town, South Africa

I highly recommend Martin as a competent and effective therapist. His easy going style was perfect for me.

Veronique - Meaux, France

This was the most authentic shamanic healing I have ever experienced. It was truly amazing and brought tears to my eyes at the end (in a good way) as I could feel how much tension had been released.

Andreas - Zurich, Switzerland

Thank you Martin for being there, couldn’t have done it without your help!

Michael Kersy - Bristol, United Kingdom

I have taken three healing sessions with Martin. I cannot rate him highly enough.

Rebecca K. - New York, USA

You made me feel brave and also safe to try and become the best human being I could.

Ida - Birmingham, United Kingdom

Working with Martin, is an incredible joy. I have no words to express my gratitude for this beautiful session.

Lisa S. - Los Angeles, California

The key in SOUND OF TIBET therapy is simple: Reconnect with yourself through your heart. Rise above all that no longer serves you. Breathe. Surrender. Let go. The Sound of Tibet Shamanic Healing creates powerful, transforming energy that uncovers and heals the root causes of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues by establishing the HEART-BRAIN BODY HEALING BRIDGE. The communication between the heart, brain, and body intelligence is truly a dynamic, continuous, three-way connection, influencing the function of the other. No matter how it may appear, our diagnosis is simply a title for the symptoms we strongly associate with. Our more accurate diagnosis is fear of life and others, not feeling good enough, growing up too soon, self-hatred and rejection, feeling victimized and unloved, a great need to control, over-protection,  denial of pleasure, and many more dysfunctions. The most common cause of our dysfunction is the disconnection from our authentic selves in society which kills the authenticity. We live surrounded by fear, guilt, shame, and emotional debt on a daily basis, crafting a miserable world for us and others. We are looking for branches to find something that can only be found and healed in roots. Finding and identifying the root causes of an issue means discovering where, when, and why the disconnection originated. Without understanding and tackling the root causes, we’re helpless victims in the illusionary world we created.  We are constantly programmed to look to the outside rather than the inside to find solutions to our health problems. We give up on the age-old healing truth that our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies can heal themselves within and create new energies to replace the damaged ones.  The Sound Of Tibet healing is not about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, it is more about realizing that we are the light in that dark tunnel. 


The Sound of Tibet shamanic healing never looks at clients as walking diagnoses without the need to have a deeper understanding of their life and the environment. Everything we experience, including panic attacks, digestive issues, and a sense of being lost in life, is a natural reaction of our mind, body, and soul to the outside sources of life, the incredibly unhealthy environments and conditions. This is the mental control system in the absence of heart intelligence. The structure of this system manipulates us through fear, guilt, shame, and emotional debt into the story of control, love of power, and loyalty by assigning us various classifications and diagnoses. The understanding that the system is completely rotten, broken, and sick rather than us is the first step to reclaiming our healing power back.  Sound of Tibet is helping clients to leave their broken systems and restore their self-healing mechanisms. Our illness and disease originate in the unseen subtle bodies before it manifests physically or mentally. Our physical bodies and minds are only a small part of who we are. Our existence is encircled by other subtle bodies. By balance or imbalance, by healthy or unhealthy energies, they are all connected or separated.  Both internal and external forces contribute to the energy that makes our existence functional or dysfunctional. In other words, life might work with us or against us.  Since we live in a highly controlled and manipulative society with almost zero authenticity, we have been conditioned to believe our external circumstances are more important than our constantly repressed, and denied internal feelings. We are pre-programmed to think that we are in control of how we choose to live our lives, but in reality, those choices are manipulated by many low frequencies sealed in our physical, etheric, mental, emotional, casual, spiritual, and divine bodies such as cultural and social norms, and conditioning,  fear, shame, guilt, emotional debt. Like it would be not enough, we can find more strange things such as karmic bonds and relationships, duality imprints,  fetoplacental interaction, epigenetic mechanisms, intergenerational transmission, or recycling patterns of the same painful traumas and dramas imprinted in the family emotional DNA. And that endless list goes on.  In short, the legacy of heavy, violent, and toxic energies. There may not be a happy ending to every life story, but rewriting it is always an option. Every thought, feeling, and emotion has an energy that is recorded in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy memory field system. The flow of energy through a system acts to organize that system. Energy can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed.  In essence, energy simply changes states.  Imagine a tree going through four seasons. It is always a good idea to surrender and align with whatever energy we need to resonate with, not to survive only, but to blossom.  All human internal experience is a manifestation of nonphysical energies, such as mental and emotional realities, on the consciousness of an individual. An individual is much more than a personality complex and a physical body to experience the big little adventure on Earth. By exploring the nature of the human consciousness with universal consciousness, things might get better and the future of physical and mental health will be shaped by many heart-centered therapies. Transpersonal, quantum, and shamanic therapies, which are incredibly powerful and speedy, may be the future of healing. Getting back to the basics of being a human. By going back to nature and applying healing practices that have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years, we can help restore our broken spirit.  As someone with experience in neuropsychology, I strongly believe that by integrating ancient healing practices into Western frameworks of physical and mental health, we can better understand who we are and how we can heal fully, permanently, and most importantly in beautiful synchronicity with nature. Asking for help is self-respect. It is self-love. The importance of being aware of the here and now and accepting responsibility for yourself. When you decide to take care of yourself, the heart’s intelligence as the loving part of the universe decides to take care of everything else. But you might want to take the first step. Stepping out from your MIND to your HEART. Breathing. Surrendering. Letting go. In stormy weather, there is no better lighthouse than your heart intelligence. The very special nonjudgemental place that knows your story the best, beyond the good or bad, beyond the right or wrong. The story of your ups and downs. The story of darkness, the story of light, and everything in between.  The SOUND OF TIBET therapy is just a simple memory RECONNECTION to remind you that life, love, and light have always existed, are existing, and will continue to exist through you. 



My healing approach does not advocate for rejecting effective medical treatment or putting your health at risk by sticking to an all-natural view of healing. Please keep in mind that I do not perform any instant healing miracles. Like in nature, everything takes time. My healing uses sacred healing energy to regenerate new and healthy cells where there is damage or disease, eliminating pain, illness, and dysfunction, and modern medicine, when used wisely, can speed up your healing process.  Despite the fact that the health care system is heavily pushed to industrialization and digitalization on patients, as well as a lack of understanding of how the physical body is connected to the human psyche, I always recommend seeking healing from both worlds. The main processes of self-restoration of organisms at the biological level are hormonal balance, metabolism, and regeneration at the cellular level. Each of the auric bodies depends on the others to collect and distribute energy, therefore when one is dysfunctional, it has an impact on the other bodies as well as the physical body. In most cases, your spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies are the source of your medical issue. 


Here are a few mental health issues when shamanic healing could not only greatly improve my clients’ quality of life but also be the ideal method of healing through shamanic healing and energy work: Stress Disorders, Anxiety, Phobias, Panic Attacks,  Depresion, PTS & PTSD, ADD & ADHD, Childhood Trauma, Intergenerational Trauma,  Loss & Grief, Relationship Problems, Codependency in Relationships, Body Image & Self esteem, Burnout Syndrome, Anger Management, LGBTQ Issues & Coming Out.


These are a few examples of the kinds of tasks I can assist with: Spiritual Crisis & Emergency, Soul Loss Retrieval, Power Loss Retrieval, Inner Child Reconnection, Deceased Loved One Reconnection, Lineage Patterns Cleansing, Toxic Energy Imprints Cleansing, Toxic Cords Cutting, Balance Masculine and Feminine Energy, Intrusions Removal, Attachments & Entity Removal, Space Cleansing,  Reading & Healing the Akashic Records.