My healing experience was very magical and pleasant. I felt like totally relaxed during the session. The day after I felt like I was back to life, and all my energy came back to me.

Sarah - Palm Springs, United States

Right after I finished the therapy, I felt a huge relief as if my heart had lost 20 kilograms. This is the lightest I've ever felt in my life.

Eric - Geneva, Switzerland

Martin’s sound bath is soothing and magical ! Thank you!

Emilia - Nizza Monferrato, Italy

Martin is an amazing channel and energy healer!. Deeply caring and masterful in his many abilities.

Gregory - Whitby, UK

There is no doubt that Martin is an alchemist of sound and vibration. The healing experience is like no other.

Gabriella - Alessandria, Italy

The vibrations of the tIbetan bowls were incredible strong, as if they came from another planet..

Mario Alberti - Turin, Italy

I found Martin's therapy to be very human and simple. Thank you!

Andreas - Zurich, Switzerland

Thank you Martin for being there, couldn’t have done it without your help!

Michael Kersy - Bristol, United Kingdom

You made me feel brave and also safe to try and become the best human being I could.

Ida - Birmingham, United Kingdom

Working with Martin, is an incredible joy. I have no words to express my gratitude for this beautiful session.

Lisa S. - Los Angeles, California

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Heart-centered Individual Alternative Therapy

Beginning psychotherapy can be a frightening adventure. I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to make this process a little bit easier for you. Simply Whatsapp me to make sure that this therapy is for you. Just in the case that no one told you yet:  Asking for help is self-respect. It is self-love. When you decide to take care of yourself, the heart intelligence as the loving part of the universe decides to take care of everything else. You don’t need to hire a  wise Guru, talk to your grandma instead. You don’t need to pay thousands to start your spiritual journey in some new age factory dancing on the fire to heal your childhood trauma. Your spirituality already exists. And it’s completely free of charge.  But you might want to take first the shortest journey in the world. The journey from your brain to your heart. Breathing. Surrendering. Letting go. In nature, everything grows from the inside out. Effortlessly. None can heal you, none can make you vital, joyful, and filled with love while you are resisting the power of your heart. THE REAL ME. In the stormy weather, there is no better lighthouse than your heart intelligence. The very special nonjudgemental place that knows your story the best, beyond the good or bad, beyond the right or wrong. The story of your ups and downs. The story of darkness, the story of light, and everything in between. Heart intelligence is always patiently waiting for you to understand that you are always enough, doing enough, and having enough. Simply, always trying your best. My transpersonal therapy SOUND OF TIBET is just a simple memory booster to remind you that life, love, and light have always existed, are existing, and will continue to exist through you. If you let them, they can do their healing magic to remind you who you were before the world told you who you should be. 


Since we live in a highly controlled and manipulative society, we have been conditioned to believe our external circumstances are more important than our constantly repressed, and denied internal feelings. We are pre-programmed to think that we are in control of how we choose to live our lives, but in reality, those choices are manipulated by many low frequencies sealed in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies such as cultural and social norms, and conditioning,  fear, shame, guilt, emotional debt. Like it would be not enough, we can find more strange things such as karmic bonds and relationships, duality imprints,  fetoplacental interaction, epigenetic mechanisms, intergenerational transmission, or recycling patterns of the same painful traumas and dramas imprinted in the family emotional DNA. And that endless list goes on.  In short, the legacy of heavy, violent, and toxic energies. There may not be a happy ending to every life story, but rewriting it is always an option. Every thought, feeling, and emotion has an energy that is recorded in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy memory field system. The flow of energy through a system acts to organize that system. Energy can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed.  In essence, energy simply changes states.  Imagine a tree going through four seasons. It is always a good idea to surrender and align with whatever energy we need to resonate with, not to survive only, but to blossom. For instance, from darkness to light, simply by making the darkness conscious. Not by fighting the darkness, but by standing up for light. When you face someone with their darkness, you show them their light. Light is the hope of darkness. Darkness is the hope of light. This is the magic, beauty, and infinite power of nonduality systems, which our brains are still unable to comprehend fully. As for the brain, it is more comfortable to analyze everything around us and run the daily rat race of endless associations, opinions, and judgments. All human internal experience is a manifestation of nonphysical energies, such as mental and emotional realities, on the consciousness of an individual. An individual is much more than a personality complex and a physical body to experience the big little adventure on Earth. By exploring the nature of the human consciousness with universal consciousness, things might get better and the future of traditional psychotherapy will be shaped by many heart-centered therapies. The „heart brain“ is composed of approximately 40,000 neurons that function similarly to brain neurons, meaning that the heart has its nervous system.  Transpersonal, quantum, and shamanic therapies, which are incredibly powerful and speedy, may be the future of psychotherapy. Getting back to the basics of being a human. By going back to nature and applying healing practices that have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years, we can help restore our broken spirit.  As someone with experience in neuropsychology, I strongly believe that by integrating ancient healing practices into Western frameworks of mental health, we can better understand who we are and how we can heal our wounds permanently, faster, and most importantly in beautiful synchronicity with nature. There is no such thing as being broken beyond repair.

Stress, Anxiety & Phobias

Panic Attacks


PTS & PTSD Therapy

Childhood Trauma

Intergenerational Trauma 

Spiritual Crisis & Emergency

Loss & Grief Counseling

Relationship Problems

Codependency in Relationships

LGBTQ Issues & Coming Out

Body Image  &  Self Esteem

Burnout Syndrome 

Anger Management