Psychedelic Integration Therapy

Sound of Tibet integration therapy is a 1-on-1 online session and provides guidance, whether you are entering psychedelic-assisted therapy or have already encountered one and would like to get the most out of your healing journey. My integration therapy is also designed for people who have experienced psychedelics, and have come across any disturbing challenges such as bad trips throughout the journey.  Like fingerprints, no two psychedelic experiences are the same.  Most people on the path of psychedelic treatment indeed have eye-opening experiences, yet there is no transformation and healing in their lives. They go through the neo-psychedelic controlled system which doesn’t care about a human being, only the profit to be made of.  There is no deeper spiritual reconnection and the healing click is missing. The majority of people go back to the comfort of their minds, running the same habitual programs, and returning to addictions, traumas, depression, anxiety, and familiar suffering patterns. If psychedelic post-treatment ignores to address the client’s spiritual needs to facilitate healing and growth, their treatment is usually a waste of hope, time, and money. Long story short, it is not only eye-opening through psychoactive substances that are needed, but heart-opening, through heart-centered integration therapies. A deeper, more authentic, and fulfilling way of emerging from this starting point.


My healing therapy Sound of Tibet is conducted online via video or phone call. While I don’t prescribe the number of sessions, I strongly recommend taking at least three to five sessions to maximize your healing. The choice is entirely up to you. The integration experience is a COEXISTENCE between the client, the therapist, and the wisdom of psychedelic medicine and your heart intelligence. When I work with my clients, we determine together what might be the most beneficial approach for their unique experience.  In short,  my integration therapy will help you:

Discuss effects, safety precautions, preparation, and the importance of setting and integration.

Balance the potential distress, confusion, or anxiety.

Make sense of your journey and understand what happened during your psychedelic experience.

Develop a deeper meaning and understanding of your experience.

Get clarity about your inner world and the nature of reality.

Integrate the insights and teachings of the journey into your daily life.

Ground your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body through a variety of meditative exercises.


  • A guide to obtaining psychoactive substances, or where and how to obtain them
  • Psychedelic-assisted therapy sessions of any kind
  • Prescription and management of pharmaceutical medicine