The LGBTQ Stigma 

The effects of stigma and its various manifestations in the lives of LGBTQ people are extremely high. The LGBTQ community is especially vulnerable to homophobia, transphobia, emotional and physical abuse, prejudice, discrimination, and violence. You learn at a young age that you’re different and you need to hide parts of yourselves. The human heart is linked to our strongest emotions. You learn at a young age that what your heart feels and your body desires are wrong. Keeping your sexual orientation hidden from others, being in the closet, and fear of having your sexual orientation disclosed can CREATE  an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual blockage powered by Self-disgust and Self-hatred, Low Self-esteem, and Negative Self-view. This has been echoed deeply in mind and mental programming. Unconsciously, you might be still the victim of the world’s religions imprint negative beliefs about sexuality, sexual expression, and sexual orientation. This might shape how you think and what you feel about yourselves. In a world ruled by toxic masculinity, there is a range of ways you can signal your identity, or most likely hide it. For instance, you start to act, altering your voice to make it sound deeper amid fears of discrimination and stereotyping. Subconsciously, you are altering your body language and hand gestures to avoid being labeled too gay, too lesbian, or queer. You don’t display your favorite objects like photographs of your partner,  books, or symbols to reveal your identity at home or work. Doing all that somehow made you feel normal. Playing many different social roles and living a double life feels normal.You start to control everything because you don’t want to lose control. But you never had control, being extremely stigmatized, all you had was anxiety. Stigma seriously affects the well-being of those who experience it.  The LBTQ stigma tearing you apart from yourself. Piece by piece. Being less authentic. When you are too concerned with what other people think, trying to please everyone, you end up losing your voice, your true identity. Two-thirds of LGBTQ people feel uncomfortable holding hands in public due to fear of a negative reaction. How do you feel holding hands with your partner in public for fear of a negative or violent response that might show your inner strength, also called in a Sanskrit Atma Bala,  the strength of the true self? THE REAL ME.  You might hold your hands for a while just to find out that your hands are no longer holding.  The fear is smart, wise, and tricky. Nevertheless, what you fear you attract. You attract your very own insecurities.  You might think being a little bit different is not a big deal, after all, it’s the 21st century! Things are always getting better with time. However, homosexuality is still often considered an abnormality and, in some cases, prosecuted under criminal law in many parts of the world. And can be deadly for trans and gender diverse people. The majority of people around the world feel divided. Living in relative comfort and safety, you don’t care about LGBTQ people in Russia or Nigeria even if they are prosecuted. Wherever you live in the west or east, south or north WE ARE ALL ENERGETICALLY CONNECTED. Ongoing homophobia and transphobia, anywhere in the world, stigma, and discrimination can have negative effects on your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. Sometimes you have developed a victim mentality as the result of LGBTQ stigma, early life conditioning, and coping mechanisms. Many choose to conceal their sexual orientation and gender identity for fear they might be targeted or marginalized. Many choose to stay closeted in heteronormativity and a heterosexual relationship. Many choose to wait for that one magical sunny day to come out later in life. And just as there’s no right age to come out, there’s no right way to come out. Coming out or simply being who I am is no longer a matter of popular debate or a tabloid headline, but a matter of your health. And yes, your rights are getting better every year, but there is still a long way to go.  The LGBTQ rights movement is still very much in progress. For the last couple of decades, the LGBTQ evolution cured gay people of psychiatrists and electric shock conversion therapy. Homosexuality is not a sign that you need to purge from your system anymore. However, even today, there still might be cultural, religious, and social conditions that boys and girls should be a certain way. These attitudes can lead to rejection by friends and family, discriminatory acts and violence, and laws and policies with negative consequences. You are experiencing stigma and discrimination across your life spans, and are the target of sexual and physical assault, bullying, harassment, and hate crimes. In other words, you are still a walking meal for the mouths of normality. You are still surrounded by such a great collective cloud of hate, the very low frequency, vibration, and energy. Living in it and hiding in it.  You strive to cope with these frequencies, energies, or issues in any number of ways. For instance, let’s think about any gay-themed movie. Well, it’s a not happy-go-lucky sort of happy ending.  A gay-themed movie is like a cut, it will heal, but there will always be a scar.  Sometimes too many.

The SOUND OF TIBET healing therapy will wake up the heart’s intelligence to rise and restore the damage done to our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health by the LGBTQ stigma. The therapy consists of a combination of ancient sacred healing art with a focus on the inner union to dissolve fear, shame, guilt, and emotional debt around our sexual orientation. This unique 90-minute healing THERAPY, specially created for the LGBTQ community can have a dramatic, positive effect on integrating sexual orientation into one’s life in a balanced way. In short, THE SOUND OF TIBET therapy is always a self-love healing journey. Reconnecting with our HEART INTELLIGENCE AND THE REAL ME. Living without fear. Living authentically. Living a life free of stigma.