Rob Wergin (USA)

Rob  is a sacred channel for the Divine Energies of pure light and unconditional love, a healer, and a personal transformation coach. Rob’s work is much appreciated by Sound of Tibet for his fearless love, beauty and truth.

Gabor Mate (Canada)

Gabor is a retired physician. He has a background in family practice and a special interest in childhood development, trauma and potential lifelong impacts on physical and mental health.


Daila Consolaro (Italy)

Daila is a therapist, green coach, vegan and curious about life. She practices from her studio which she opened in 2018 in a small village on top of Lake Como, Italy.


Beatrice Iulini  (Italy)

Beatrice’s yoga courses are experiential and built on a combination of conscious movement and alignment. She is emphasizing the experience of yoga as a state of vivid stillness and liveliness and a set of tools to live a more authentic life.

Samer Mouawad (Peru)

Samer  lives in the Sacred Valley offering San Pedro ceremonies and retreats.  He is passionate about sharing the beauty and benefits of this profound plant with others.


Grant Podesta (UK)

Grant is formerly a biochemist, personal trainer then osteopath. After a series of realizations and awakenings, he started to work as a healer working with people all around the world since, on letting go of limited spiritual beliefs, and etheric implants, as well as helping people have greater ease with their awakenings.

Kostas Charalampopoulos (Greece)

Kostas is a healer and practitioner of shamanism. He spent more than ten years learning about and engaging in spiritual theories, therapeutic techniques, and healing ideas and practices that would help him discover the purpose of life.

Alessandra Esposito (Italy)

In addition to being an Akashic Records Master and a 5D Quantic Activator, Allessandra prefers to refer to herself as a “Spiritual Searcher.” She offers both private readings and meditation groups where she works with guides,  Ascended Masters, and angels.