How is your healing done?

In reality, I do not heal. I don’t claim credit for someone else’s recovery. It is a simplistic self-healing system, and I only act as a guide. Through me, the source of life heals. What I do is very simple.  I alter my client’s state of mind with no use of hypnosis or any other mind-controlling techniques or medicine plants.  It is done by generating incredibly potent theta brain waves to shut down the unhealthy mindset and wake up the healing heart intelligence of my client.  It only takes a few minutes or less, depending entirely on how receptive the client is.  Once we are reconnected to the source of life, I work with my client’s energy systems and fields to assist and improve the natural ability to balance and heal. I apply several energy healing methods. Depending on the needs of my clients, I may use anything from shamanic and sacred energy healing techniques, quantum healing, X-ray visions, conducting energetical surgeries, and numerous additional healing modalities. It doesn’t matter how we label them, all of these modalities have an epicenter of existence in our heart intelligence.  I prefer to call them heart-centered therapies. I gently heal the areas that seem energetically the most unclear and stuck. Simply said, I only transfer energies where they need to be at the time of my client’s healing journey, whether connecting, disconnecting, retrieving, removing, extracting,  directing energy, or any combination of these.  I heal in peace, allowing things to happen naturally. Unfortunately, most people undergoing conventional healing are pressured into a never-ending cycle of warfare that involves conflicts against diseases, such as the fight against cancer, the fight against depression, and the fight against Alzheimer’s. Battle. Wining. Losing. Survivor. Heroe.  The language used to talk about diseases often focuses on battle words and various other pointless army rhetorics in the physical and mental health field. Simply put, the majority of people are not prepared to disconnect from this preprogrammed battle and would rather fight their entire lives till death than accept healing peace for a moment. I always advise my clients to stop a fight. Fight creates more fights. It is usually a good idea to stand up for something rather than be against it. The fight AGAINST is always self-destructive, and chaotic and in the end, costs human lives. War can’t possibly be the tool during any healing process, it was only imagined by us because of our constant ego-based desire to fight and win out in the end. The transformation for a healthy body, mind, and soul usually comes through a healing click between the heart’s intelligence and the source of life. In the nutshell, my healing is done mostly through the transformative journey from the fighting vibrations to peaceful vibrations. Peace comes from love, not from hatred. War does not heal, peace does. My long response can come off as being from San Francisco’s Ashbury Heights. But, the hippies were entirely right. Love and peace are everything we need. 

Do I have to believe in this treatment for it to work?

Not at all. But if you at least close your eyes and touch your heart, it might help a little to sense beyond the 5 senses. Many people believe that energy healing systems which have been around for thousands of years either don’t work at all and that our ancestors were absolute morons to use them,  because these systems contemporary science hasn’t approved, or many people believe that energy healing is a complete bewildering mystery. But what if everything works out and you can let go of your pain right now with the support of your heart’s intelligence? Yes, the tiny sentence WHAT IF is quite significant. What if everything goes right? What if everything goes wrong? There is no such thing as right or wrong,  but we are killing our dreams or making them come true with our belief systems created by our thoughts. The thought is not you but represents your mindset, either healed or unhealed.

Do I still need to take my meds while receiving treatment from you?

Most definitely. Please continue taking any medications you are presently taking or receiving medical treatment as prescribed by your health care provider.  Feel free to talk to your doctor about your alternative healing through Sound Of Tibet.

How I can be sure that this is an effective form of therapy?

During your first therapy, there will be a significant difference in the way your heart vibrates. You will notice a difference from the very first session. You would likely feel more empowered, grounded, and with more clarity.  This is a beautiful feeling not coming from your mind but your heart’s intelligence. Simply put, your mind, body, and soul’s natural ability to heal itself has been reconnected and restored fully, and it is now up to you to continue working on it during your weekly healing sessions.


How often should I do a therapy session?

My shamanic healing sessions are kept to a minimum, based on what is needed rather than what is wanted.  I do not prescribe an explicit number of sessions. You’ll figure out what works best for you. I usually recommend three to five online sessions for my healing therapy. It depends on the severity of your condition and the energy density of your resistance to letting go. Allowing at least a week in between each of your sessions creates space for you to process the healing session. Tackling one issue at a time is more healthy for your energy field. It also puts less stress on your body, mind, and soul. THE SOUND OF TIBET therapy is an ongoing process, and one session may not have solved all your problems. However,  if there is a strong intention to let go we can easily clear twenty or forty years of trauma within a few healing sessions.

What exactly do you teach? It is related to Buddhism?

I don’t preach or teach anything. My source of inspiration for healing is peace and compassion. I’m an artist who ran away from New York and happily exiled himself to a farm in the country with cows, roosters, chickens, and dogs. I don’t wear a shaman costume stolen from Native Americans; I prefer a t-shirt and jeans. I  eat at least three entire pizzas every week, smoke a pack of cigarettes, and drink  Italian red wine every day. While I may not be approved by many people and their beliefs in a healthy way of living, I am certain that I do know what a  joyful way of life is.  Life or spiritual coaching of any kind, spiritual communities, esoteric agenda, or advocacy for psychedelic clinics are not my cup of tea. My heart doesn’t believe gurus, New York yoga classes, and overly commercialized spiritual teaching. If there is only one lesson to learn, let your heart fall in love with you once more to heal.

How to tell if someone is a good healer or not?

A good healer has no urge to help others and does not bless Tik Tok followers or send any Reiki energy through YouTube. This condition is known as Jesus syndrome. A good healer doesn’t heal others from a mind-driven desire, but rather from a place of compassion. A  good healer always comes from a healed place. A good healer closed up his or her wounds and healed them.  The healing procedures and the amount of healing energy that passes through the healer both matter. The energy of different healers and techniques varies in strength. Similar to wifi, either healer energy is weak, powerful, or something in between. Oh one more thing, a good healer knows that there is no such thing as a good healer since the healer doesn’t heal, only guides through the healing process. The source of life heals through the healer. However, if you are searching for a skilled healer, look no further than your heart.

Is healing less effective when done remotely? 

No. Remote healing still has the same effect as in-person healing,  at least in my practice.  Working together over video or phone calls is identical to working together in person, except for the fact that we are not physically there in the same room and my complimentary homemade blueberry cake is tasteless over the computer screen. 

Are the healing sessions offered in English?

Yes, all my sessions are in English. I work with people from all around the world. You are not required to speak fluently. Sometimes simple English is OK. I’ve used only my hands to communicate a few times with clients who don’t speak any English at all, and with a little help from Google Translate, we had a lot of fun. Despite our differences in language, the source of life always makes it easier for us to communicate. My sessions are HEART TO HEART rather than MIND TO MIND wired. All I need to read or heal your energies is for me to see your photo or hear your voice on the phone for a couple of minutes.

How do you identify the health problem?

Many clients come to me and tell me what healing work needs to be done. I listen to them carefully for a few minutes. In some cases, they’re surprised to find out that the root of their problem lies somewhere else entirely. Instead of listening to my client’s mind, I always prefer to listen to my client’s heartbeat to find the spiritual diagnosis and the best healing method. In my 10 years as an intuitive healer, I’ve found that it usually only takes a few minutes to locate the root of the problem once the client stops talking. Yes, the power of inner silence.  So if I ask you to be completely silent for a few minutes, it’s not because I am not interested in the story of your mind, but because your heart finally met someone to chit chat with and is ready to gossip a lot about your unhealthy habits and belief systems.  I simply feel them all. So please be patient with me and your heart. Your heart knows what is best for you.

How is your alternative therapy different from traditional approaches?

The main difference is the approach. While traditional therapies target symptoms, SOUND OF TIBET  therapy focuses on addressing the root cause and prevention, improving overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health quality, and providing non-traditional techniques, often shamanic and energy healing treatments. 

Is this a private or a group session?

This is a private one-on-one session.

How long do sessions last?

The average duration is 90 minutes for shamanic healing sessions. The Sound Of Tibet Shamanic Journey is 3 hours long. The Theta Waves Healing session is only 45 minutes long. There is no stopwatch set up for any of my therapy. Every healing therapy session is unique and I tailor my therapeutic approach to your specific needs. In some cases, I might suggest that we extend the session by an additional 15 or 30 minutes to achieve the best results the very same day. Those extra minutes are free of charge. You can choose to continue or we can continue where we left off next week. It’s totally up to you.

Are there any potential side effects?

The Sound of Tibet healing is a meditative practice that’s safe for most people to try. During an energy healing treatment, clients will feel little to no physical, emotional, or mental discomfort. Most people leave my therapy session feeling relaxed, or shifted in some way. 

Can I go on a shamanic journey by myself?

Yes. In general, any shamanic journey is just a journey from your mind to your heart. It’s not that long, only a few centimeters or inches away.  You can get there by walking if you’re not in a rush or dealing with any significant life concerns. However, if you want to avoid waiting any longer, consider getting a speedier vehicle. To learn a few things, I would strongly advise doing at least two or three journeys with a guide. The majority of people require the healing process to be done on their behalf by a healer or skillful shaman. Self-journey may not be beneficial for a variety of reasons, such as a strong ego element, attachments that are blocking you, or energetic tears in your bodies that are not properly sealed to allow access to the healing source. The skilled guide can hijack your brain for a while and connect your heart’s intelligence with the healing source. In addition to the healing part, the guide holds you energetically during the journey in the highest theta waves possible.    The healing process is more powerful when theta waves are highest. You can light up the fire you’re seeing,  but you can’t heal with that fire yet.  You can swim in that river, but you can’t heal with that river yet.

What is the shamanic power loss retrieval?

The shamanic power retrieval is used to recover lost power. We can have our power given to us or taken away from us by relationships, cultural, religious, or political organizations, illnesses, jobs, and other life events. Power loss can frequently occur in relationships involving physical or emotional abuse,  bullying, or other demeaning behavior.

What is the shamanic soul loss retrieval?

Whenever we experience trauma, a portion of our vital essence, the soul fragment separates us to survive the event by avoiding the full impact of the pain and suffering. The mission of shamanic soul retrieval treatment is to integrate the client’s missing portion of the soul.

Why, despite how painful it is, do I find it so difficult to let go of the past?

Our present is energetically rewiring with our memory imprints. Sometimes the memory imprints hold us and constantly replay the past through HEART – MIND – BODY BRIDGE. The pain is like a million blades pouring from our hearts to our brains, and it impacts our physical health. The painful recollection serves as a stinging reminder of something that must be understood and set free. However, I do not believe that any kind of suffering helps us grow. The fastest method to work on a memory that we no longer wish to deny, intellectualize, or suppress is, in my opinion, through shamanic memory imprint extraction. Usually, we might understand that the agony of old memories is something we enjoy, at the very least dusting it from time to time and that creates the pain we adore so much. 

How could you charge for miraculous healing if this is God’s gift?

You could be right, but during the past ten years of my practice, I have not performed any miracles, and neither have I encountered any Gods who have reminded me of an emotional duty to work for free. Maybe I am so lucky. Some healers choose to work for free, or for extremely low fees, often hurting themselves in the process by living below their needs. Because I firmly believe in balance, I at least charge a modest fee. Give and you will get. This is a natural process. Let’s assume you spend around 600 euros on three shamanic healings, and within a couple of weeks,  your physical or mental health issue is resolved. I believe my fee for a session is pretty low when compared to the conventional type of healing, which requires significantly more time and ten sessions at least with a psychotherapist who charges you roughly 100 per hour, or thousands of euros more in medical expenses. Please pardon me, I need to repark my Rolls Royce. 


What therapy is best for depression?

Any kind of self-love treatment and practicing the method called SEE THE NEXT STEP. For instance, making a coffee – see the next step – drinking a coffee – see the next step- washing the coffee cup. You’ll get an idea of how it works. Walking in the park, going home, cleaning at least some dishes, and faking the smile in the mirror might be enough for today.  IT’S OK NOT BEING OK.  Our mind in the dark state of depression will disregard any advice from our inner wisdom. Sometimes, physical pain is less painful than depression. It leaves us completely paralyzed. It is extremely harmful energy that moves very rapidly like a mold. Nevertheless, depression is the screaming echo of our soul system. Something somewhere is rotten within us and the pain of depression is only guiding us to the source. Yes, sometimes it’s best to stay in the bed and do absolutely nothing for a while instead of launching a fight against it.  However, following and being playful with the method SEE THE NEXT STEP  always works wonders and sometimes saves lives. If the depressive state is more chronic and suicidal we might shut down the brain’s repetitive cycle through shamanic healing, attachment or entity extraction, or the shamanic journey, and see ourselves in a different reality. During the shamanic journey, you might see that unprocessed anger and repressed emotions are frequently to blame for depression, which is one of the purest forms of self-disconnection. The effect of repressed rage that has been pushed aside and disregarded for so long is a depressed mood or loss of interest in life. It might sound like this: “Being angry is  wrong “ or I am too gentle to be furious.” Holding anger as a natural, adaptive response is one of the most dangerous ways of existence. Our vital energies, especially located in the solar plexus chakra are disconnected by repeated cycles of internal denial and that might become habitual. Negative emotions have an addictive quality that triggers the reward centers in the brain. In other words, we don’t want to admit that we love being depressed. The building structure of addiction to emotional pain is tricky. It might be our childhood trauma, abusive or neglecting experience, and our mind copy mechanism. The first healing step is to allow yourself to be furious if necessary.  We are raging fire and calm water as well. Someone prays thousands of Hail Marys silently, while someone screams thousands of fuck offs loudly.  The problem is that, once you hide your anger in your silent prayer, you’re hurting yourself tremendously. Allow yourself to be yourself and be angry for a moment or two.  Unapologetically. You can always say sorry later on to anyone you wish. This is a wave of beautiful healing anger which helps to release the low frequencies instantly. SOUND OF TIBET therapy is using grounding and meditative exercises to heal depression energetically or using shamanic tools such as soul retrieval, the toxic cord cutting or clearing, and always recommends changing your environment. You cannot heal in the same environment where you got sick.  Sometimes a change in environment or simply walking out of your dysfunctional and toxic relationship is enough to help prevent feelings of anger from being repressed. To sum it up, most depressions are self-created. If you have created this energy, simply you can transform it from one form to another, for instance by releasing your anger. You are pushing the boundaries of water and moving into the fire for a certain period and coming back. Simply aligning your inner energies. with your authentic self. THE REAL ME. 

Do you treat suicidal clients?

Yes. But before I begin the shamanic and energy treatment, I always ask my clients to first talk about my alternative healing with their therapist or psychiatrist if my client has one. Just to make sure everyone is on the same page. Sometimes suicidal thoughts are perfectly normal and can act as a safety net. However, the repetitive cycles of suicidal thoughts usually have tragic results. Serenity is the last emotional state a person reaches before committing suicide. And that’s the real crossroad between physical life and death. One of my clients described the smell of suicide as a sweet and heavy fragrance in the air. Whether the experience of closeness to death is mystical, poetic, or real, this emotion may be addictive, just like everything else in our lives. Many individuals have repeatedly attempted suicide. And in the end, succeed.  From the perspective of shamanic and energy healing, I always create a safe space for the client and perform an attachment or dark entity extraction, soul, and power retrieval, and the client takes a shamanic journey.  In most circumstances, these treatments will not only relieve inside agony but also assist in reducing suicidal pain. That pain is not only the pain of the mind, but the pain mostly comes from the soul system. In other words, the soul system is exhausted and at a crossroads, deeply influenced by external sources such as dark entities and soul attachments. The collective unconscious contains the whole spiritual heritage of mankind’s evolution. Birth and death. Our own making. Repressed and unprocessed in the brain structure of every individual. The dark entities transfer their pain to us when they are not healed. There’s almost always a story behind it. Every single suicide that has ever occurred in human history is recorded there and stored in memory imprints.  Our suicidal impulses function as a magnet for that field. What we seek is seeking us. I feel that many lives may be spared by shamanic treatment, particularly the shamanic journey. A journey into our soul system. The essence of who we are. Since most suicidal clients don’t believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel, healing is more about recognizing that the client is the light in the dark tunnel. Suicide is a collective decision taken by the individual’s soul system that must be respected. The soul system did not realize yet, that the wounded fragment of the soul usually reincarnates and always returns to the physical realm to relive the suicidal story. In short, they have unfinished business here. Most of the time, the same karma and action repeat themselves. Though the soul system is immature, more mature systems can still get in the way of a suicide decision. I usually refer to this as the intervention of life, light, and love. During the shamanic treatment my clients usually always take three deep breaths. THE BREATH OF LIFE. THE BREATH OF LIGHT. THE BREATH OF LOVE. The client unlocks their Akashic Records during the shamanic journey to view their own spiritual story from previous lives. They are typically the same. The greatest wisdom and understanding from the shamanic journey are always used to save lives.


Should I do anything special to prepare?

There’s nothing particularly special you need to do when preparing for your session.   Please wear comfortable clothes to your session, you might be asked to stretch your body.  Sometimes your body needs to unwind and release energy patterns. You might be asked to touch your body at certain meridians, or pressure points to make the needed self-corrections following the guidance of your body’s GPS inner wisdom. If necessary, I might ask you to remove your watch and shoes to be more grounded and balanced during the session.

What can I expect to feel during my healing experience?

While the healing is taking place, you may experience inner calm, heat, and tingling sensations, and feel emotional release, peace, and uplifting feelings. Most people after THE SOUND OF TIBET therapy feel more balanced, grounded, joyful, vital, and loving way of being.


I am pregnant. Is your shamanic healing safe for me?

Yes, the Sound of Tibet healing is safe during pregnancy, and through its calming and relaxing effects on the mother, it helps create a loving and balanced space for the child to grow. 

Do you possess any legitimate certifications to carry out your therapy?

I have zero of my credential in force. For me, a birth certificate is always enough. Without a credential, I have guided hundreds of people through their healing journeys over the past ten years. Shamanic practitioner or energy healer diplomas in particular strike me as somehow bizarre. My heart doesn’t believe in this concept. I believe that we don’t need to teach birds to fly. It’s more about reconnecting your invisible wings with your body, mind, and soul first. I never wanted to be a healer,  and still, somehow I  feel that way. I am an artist who miraculously survived a tram accident,  with a  brain injury, and awoke from a coma.  I’ve experienced a few close calls and near-death experiences. I have a few noticeable scars all over my body and the title of survivor. I went to study neuropsychology. The good, bad, and worst aspects of the mind. My last faith in humanity was shattered by that study. When faith dies, the truth comes. I went to study art to cure myself of PTS, PHDs, and academic, social, and cultural structures; during that wonderful period, I attended psychedelic experimental parties, had some good and bad trips, and some heartbreaks, and developed a deep love for Tibet, yoga, and meditation as the best medication for my life. Yes, and it gave me a new perspective on life. To cut a long tale short, I feel that overcoming mental enslavement, healing from the inside out, and having near-death experiences, are some of the most difficult and fulfilling ways to become your true, authentic self. THE REAL ME. Transforming the war with life to peace. Loving the scars as your tattoos. The brave milestones of your existence here. I strongly believe to be a healer of any kind, one must come from a healed place, that is, you need to be healed yourself and preferably by yourself. And I did that part. Any framed certificate for a shamanic practitioner, energy healer, or Reiki Master does not have that information. I believe healers are born and carry that gift in their emotional DNA. Naturally born healers don’t heal. The source of life heals through them.  Simply put, schools don’t turn out healers, and certificates are only useful as wall art. There is nothing good or bad about it. It is as it is.