How I can be sure that this is an effective form of therapy?

There will be a difference in the way your heart and voice vibrate. You would likely feel stronger, and more empowered. This is a beautiful feeling not coming from your mind, but coming from your heart intelligence.

How is your alternative therapy different from traditional approaches?

The main difference is the approach. While traditional therapies target symptoms, my alternative therapies focus on addressing the root cause and prevention, improving overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health quality, and providing non-traditional techniques, often energy healing treatments. 

How is your healing therapy done?

I provide both in-person and online healing therapies. My clients located anywhere in the world can benefit from remote healing sessions, which are also called distance healing sessions. My healing practice is based on The Tibetan Art of Healing. However, the therapies, healing modalities, and techniques I use are all connected. It is a thousand-year-old healing system, the same today as it has ever been. It is always about a deeper understanding that we are much more than our mind or body. Our body and mind are charged by an energy field that can affect our health and well-being, also called subtle energy, vibrational energy, or simply life force. I work with all your energy fields and chakra energy systems, to facilitate and enhance your natural ability to balance and heal. I use healing energy to identify and repair imbalances in a person’s energy field. If interested, please click here to read my guide to seven main chakras. When necessary, I employ different ancient healing modalities, especially for psychological blocks. Trauma, stress, limiting or false belief systems, emotional or physical distress, and other blocks to our well-being, if not fully resolved, are often stored in the energy fields of your bodies.  These blocks can hinder your ability to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally and as result prevent you from fully experiencing your very own sound, voice, and speech. I gently heal those parts that seem the most stuck and unresolved.  I always work for your highest good and is nothing else but love healing energy.

How often should I do a therapy session?

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to healing. The Sound Of Tibet therapy is an ongoing process, and one session may not have solved all your problems. Tackling one issue at a time is more healthy for your energy field. It also puts less stress on your body, mind, and soul. I do not prescribe an explicit number of sessions. You’ll figure out what works best for you. I usually recommend three to five online sessions for my healing therapy, as opposed to the prolonged western approaches and techniques. Your healing depends on the severity of your condition and the energy density of your resistance to letting go. Allowing at least a week in between each of your sessions creates space for you to process the healing session.

Is this a private or a group session?

This is a private one-on-one session.

How long do therapies last?

The average duration is 90 minutes.  There is no stopwatch set up for my therapy. Every healing therapy session is unique and I tailor my therapeutic approach to your specific needs. In some cases, I might suggest that you extend the therapy by an additional hour to achieve the best results the very same day. You can choose to continue or we can continue where we left off next week. It’s totally up to you.

Are there any potential side effects?

My therapy is a meditative practice that’s safe for most people to try. During an energy healing treatment, clients will feel little to no physical, emotional, and mental discomfort. Most people leave my therapy session feeling relaxed, or shifted in some way. 

Should I do anything special to prepare?

There’s nothing particularly special you need to do when preparing for your therapy.   Please wear comfortable clothes to your session. During the healing session,  you might be asked to stretch your body.  Sometimes your body needs to unwind and release energy patterns. You might be asked to touch your body at certain meridians, or pressure points to make the needed self-corrections following the guidance of your body’s GPS inner wisdom. If necessary, I might ask you to remove your watch and shoes to be more grounded and balanced during the session.

What can I expect to feel during my experience?

While the healing is taking place, you may experience inner calm, heat, tingle sensation, feeliemotional release, peace, and uplifting feelingst people after THE SOUND OF TIBET therapy feel more balanced, grounded, and with a return a more joyful, vital, and loving way of being.

Is there an age limit on therapy?

No age is too young or too old for my therapy. However, different countries have different laws when it comes to seeking therapy as a minor. You may or may not need your parent or guardian’s consent depending on where you live. I do recommend that clients be at least 16yrs or older for the best possible results.

How often should I do a sound bath?

The typical recommendation is 1-2 sessions per month, but if you hweekly sessions may be better if you have any challenges that need addressing