My healing experience was very magical and pleasant. I felt like totally relaxed during the session. The day after I felt like I was back to life, and all my energy came back to me.

Sarah - Palm Springs, United States

Right after I finished the therapy, I felt a huge relief as if my heart had lost 20 kilograms. This is the lightest I've ever felt in my life.

Eric - Geneva, Switzerland

Martin’s sound bath is soothing and magical ! Thank you!

Emilia - Nizza Monferrato, Italy

Martin is an amazing channel and energy healer!. Deeply caring and masterful in his many abilities.

Gregory - Whitby, UK

As a professional opera singer, it is very important to my career to have a therapist that understands the conditions for what many of us suffer from. You gave me my breath back.

Hadar - Telv Aviv, Israel

There is no doubt that Martin is an alchemist of sound and vibration. The healing experience is like no other.

Gabriella - Alessandria, Italy

Martin is simple, the best singing coach you will ever need or want. During my therapy, not only have I improved both technically and artistically, but he has made me believe in myself.

Sandra - San Antonio, USA

For public speaking, I have tried numerous voice coaches and therapists. Martin is a voice therapist who genuinely listened to my concerns and sought to improve my voice and speech for public speaking. In addition to being extremely professional and knowledgeable in his field, he is also caring and supportive of his clients.

Liam - Phoenix, USA

The vibrations of the tIbetan bowls were incredible strong, as if they came from another planet..

Mario Alberti - Turin, Italy

As terrible as it sounds, I am speechless after the voice therapy. There isn't anything like this, at this level.

Giovanni Russo - Milan, Italy

Martin is fantastic. You can learn many techniques to increase the range, breath support and controll of your voice from him, as he has a deep knowledge of the classical voice technique.

Sofia - Innsbruck, Austria

It is evident that Martin has a very thorough understanding of how the voice works and he uses a variety of methods to help people develop their voices.

Jonathan Goldberg - Boston, USA

Working with Martin, I really improved as a singer, and as a overall musician. His alternative vocal therapy is basically awesome!

Mateo - Barcelona, Spain

Thank you so much for the time and effort you took with me for my voice lessons online. You have taught me so much!

Linda - Gothenburg, Sweden

Despite of years singing professionally, Martin's healing sessions helped me be more courageous with my voice.

Thomas Hopkins - Cape Town, South Africa

I highly recommend Martin as a competent and effective voice coach. His easy going style was perfect for me.

Veronique - Meaux, France

I found Martin's therapy to be very human and simple. Thank you!

Andreas - Zurich, Switzerland

Thank you Martin for being there, couldn’t have done it without your help!

Michael Kersy - Bristol, United Kingdom

I have taken three vocal sessions with Martin. This has helped me overcome stage fright , but also comport myself in a thoroughly professional manner.

Rebecca K. - New York, USA

You made me feel brave and also safe to try and become the best human being I could.

Ida - Birmingham, United Kingdom

Working with Martin, is an incredible joy. I have no words to express my gratitude for this beautiful session.

Lisa S. - Los Angeles, California



All therapies are playful, creative, speedy, and based on one-on-one 90-minute healing sessions. You pay after the session. Payments can be made in cash or online through PayPal. You can schedule an online or in-person session. If the time slot in the booking calendar is not convenient for you, please let me know so I can find another time slot, if one is available that day. Before booking, I’m happy to speak with you just to make sure I’m the right therapist for you.