Hello, my name is Martin Levinne. I‘ve lived in Los Angeles and New York for most of my life. A few years ago, I moved to Europe to reconnect with my roots. I live in the countryside of northern Italy, Piedmont. The birthplace of famous Fiat, Nutella, and Lavazza.  In addition to being an intuitive healer and sound  therapist, I have a strong background in neuropsychology. The good, the bad, and the ugly science of the mind. Studying psychology did not bring me joy until I bridged the gap between Western psychology and ancient healing modalities. My therapy SOUND OF TIBET is a simple invitation to step into a new dimension of healing energy, frequency, and vibration. Beyond the fear, shame, guilt, and an emotional debt we carry.  Beyond the good or bad, beyond the right doing or wrongdoing.  Beyond the comfortable prison of our minds. To heal on one level, one must treat or be treated on all four levels. Physical. Mental. Emotional. Spiritual. The key in SOUND OF TIBET therapy is simple: Reconnect with yourself through your heart with the waves of healing energy.  Breathe. Surrender. Let go.


I strongly feel, that almost all mainstream healing systems are too prolonging,  mind-oriented and almost one size fits all. In my healing therapy, I do not focus on symptoms, diagnosis, and causes, instead, I connect, relate, observe, and work from a multidimensional healing place, Zero Point Field. Zero Point Field is not only a language of our hearts, the Universe but also the language of nature where everything is in perfect harmony. Yes, the little piece of Heaven on Earth. Through my last 10 years of therapy, I have realized that the most common cause of our dysfunction is the pure disconnection from our authentic selves.  THE REAL ME. The alternative therapy SOUND OF TIBET is a process of self-actualization and self-realization, which helps clients to discover the deep core of their essential self. THE REAL ME SOUND. THE REAL ME VOICE. THE REAL ME SPEECH. The sound, voice, and speech of our hearts. Not the one that is expected of us.  Our parents‘ voice.  The voice of a pre-programmed society.  The voice of our partners. Those voices led us to dead-end relationships, jobs, and living situations that were anything but lovely. We are walking through life disconnected from our true selves and our authenticity.  My healing therapies are about shedding the layers that hold us back, forgetting outdated perceptions, and letting go of anything that takes our smile away. The healing SOUND OF TIBET therapy is creative, playful, and speedy. I blend traditional therapy techniques with energy work and ancient healing practices to help people restore physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. Along with energy healing and ancient healing modalities, some of my most common therapeutic approaches include Sacred Sound Healing, Imagination and Intuition,  Meditation, Guided Visualization, and Neuro-linguistic programming. You can begin the journey towards your authentic self anytime you wish. My 90 minutes therapy sessions are extremely powerful, sometimes gentle, and sometimes emotionally rough. But I always love to listen to and balance the sound of your heartbeat.   Like in nature, it takes time to energetically improve, balance, and restore.  THE SOUND OF TIBET therapy is an ongoing process, and one session may not have solved all your problems. Tackling one issue at a time is more healthy for your energy field. It also puts less stress on your body, mind, and soul. I do not prescribe an explicit number of sessions. You’ll figure out what works best for you. I usually recommend three to five online sessions for my healing therapy. It depends on the severity of your condition and the energy density of your resistance to letting go.